Monday, August 24, 2015


A story we ran on Sat., Aug. 22 about a man named Jose Rodriguez, who discovered he was, in fact, bitten by a werewolf, attributed the following quote to him:

“I’m pretty pumped,” Rodriguez said. “There ain’t many Mexican werewolves out there, and I’m just psyched for the next full moon when I can get my hombre lobo on.”

According to the folks over at "The Werewolf's Guide to Life" (use Twitter handle @Werewolf_Guide), there are plenty of Mexican werewolves out there.

We at the JLP shared this information with Mr. Rodriguez and he said he tried using a Werewolf tracker app on his iPhone to find others he could hang with, but he could only retrieve gender and age information, not nationality.

"It's OK," Rodriguez said. "Even if we don't have any Mexican werewolves where I live, I'm gonna share the curse with all my family and friends. We'll have a pack out here in no time. Órale!"

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