Thursday, August 13, 2015

Lab laser for sale

Two-story Siodmak C Series lab laser for sale.

The C Series includes the twin Z airflow system™, tri-coil elite arrangement and mega optical amplification.

Seller paid the equivalent of $500,000 for the laser (an anonymous source claimed it was paid in skulls). Cost to buyer is only $200,000 (or 50 cadavers for seller’s future experiments).

According to LabFax©, a service that supplies lab equipment history reports to individuals and businesses looking to purchase used lab gear, this particular laser brought over 40 corpses to life (on separate occasions) and was originally designed and utilized to transfer power from an unknown werewolf to the actual Frankenstein Monster.

NOTE: Laser has two dents in the lower coils.

To see the laser up close, send email of interest to igor01@labmail.mon. Seller located in the heart of the Mad Lab District. Please be sure to avoid food and drink (except water) for 12 hours before stopping by for the experiment your visit.

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