Wednesday, August 19, 2015

New 'Human Invasion' video game packed with human-destroying content

By Helen Back
Staff Toys, Games & Torture Devices Writer

Today, Monster Media released a brand new video game called “Human Invasion,” and critics are saying it's to live for.

Imagine a world where humans are coming up out of manholes, from under your lab bench or through the fog by boat while you’re enjoying a swim in your nice, polluted swamp so they can capture you, examine you and put you on display in a cage for all mankind to see.

“‘Human Invasion’ is packed with over 200 hours of human-destroying content,” said game creator Killum Awl. “We’ve created several different types of human scum for you to destroy -- do-gooders, meddling fools, a gang of pesky kids and their dog, humans that think they’re soooo smart, humans that talk too much, humans with plans to make money by discovering you and introducing you to their world, and so many more.”

The game gives players over 75 different weapons to use against the human race.

“We want little monsters to have a variety of means to wipe out these awful people,” Awl said. “The more ways to destroy them, the more fun it is. You can shoot humans, burn them, explode them, disintegrate them. Who or what wouldn’t want to play this game?”

With over 50 levels to beat, gamers should have a blast -- literally.

“Human Invasion” also has a multi-player option, which gives gamers the ability to team up against the humans. Players can choose to be Werewolf, Vampire or The Monster, but in the coming months, Monster Media will be offering downloadable content packs with even more levels, environments and other characters like Ghost, Zombie, Sea Monster and more.

Most game reviewers have applauded the game for its realism and human-destroying fun. Others say it’s just not that violent and not what they want little monsters seeing.

“These game creators today keep lowering and lowering the violence in games, and what are we telling our little ones?” said Maddy Bouteverything. “I’ll tell you what we’re telling them. We’re telling them it’s OK to be nice and good and peaceful. Just look at some of our monsters today, causing togetherness and love on the streets. It’s a disgrace.”

Gamers want to judge the game for themselves. Early this afternoon before anything was awake, hundreds of creatures, goblins, ghouls and gremlins were lined up around the cemetery to get their own copies of the game at Carl’s Video Game and Barber Shop on 13th Street in Transyl-vein-ia Hills.

The game is available at other game stores as well and also online at HumanInvasionTheReallyAwesomeHumanKillingGame.mon. 

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