Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Flame-engulfed ghost ship 'Death Cruise' is fun for the whole family

By Togo Ornottogo
Staff Trav-Hell Writer

Seagoing vacations have come a long way since the Titanic. These days, passengers have the opportunity to go down in flames for their fun and enjoyment.

The White Cloud, a ghost ship that sails every year on the first new moon of the fall, is known for catching fire.

“Back in the days of sailing ships,” said historian Wade Pickwick, “people from all over the world were coming to America looking for a new start in life . . . The White Cloud was a vessel that carried people on those journeys, and during one such journey the crew plotted and murdered the wealthy passengers aboard, took their belongings, set fire to the ship and escaped in a long boat. During the escape, however, the wind shifted and the ship, which had become a mass of flames, bore down directly on the long boat. The mighty villains took to the oars, but it was no use. The blazing, sinking ship split the small boat in half and all hands were lost.”

According to the story, the ship reappears annually, bursts into a great fireball, and the lost souls of that historic journey reprise their roles as the doomed ones with howls and wails while they relive the magnificent disaster.

“About a decade ago, we got the idea to turn the yearly excursion into the luxurious 'Death Cruise' that it's known as today,” said White Cloud Cruises CEO Earl Denning. “Families, for instance, will enjoy the pure terror that our unique cruise line has to offer. The smell of burning canvas, rope and human flesh is one of the big takeaways. Of course, all monsters love the part where they catch fire and sink into the mighty Atlantic. Everyone screams along. It’s great.”

Tickets are now available for this fall’s cruise, which will sail from the old world and never reach its destination. Go to WhiteCloudCruises.mon to book your trip.

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