Wednesday, September 30, 2015

New cigar shop opens, Marshmallow Man lights up

A new cigar shop in Manhattan, NY, Smokey's Super Cigar Saloon, opened yesterday afternoon to large crowds, and New York celebrity Stay Puft Marshmallow Man stopped by for a few cigars of his own. He lit up a Macanudo Cru Royale, and instantly lit up on fire.

Burning marshmallow mud dumped all over the streets below, completely covering taxi cabs, buses and Jake's Famous Hot Dog Cart, which created a major traffic jam and angry would-be hot dog consumers. The entire city was locked up for hours.

“Now I have a Montecristo Robusto I can’t even smoke,” said Stay Puft, who’s pretty fired up over the whole situation. “Can’t a marshmallow man enjoy a good cigar without worrying about falling ash?”

Cigar shop owner, Smokey Venwenyergreen, said the marshmallow man isn’t the only one who’s heated.

“I understand Stay Puft is a beloved citizen in the city of New York, and I understand he probably doesn’t like the fact that he’s made out of marshmallow,” Venwenyergreen said, “but how about my grand opening the guy ruined? He caught fire right as we were bringing in the pizza pies from Larry’s Giant Pizza Pie Shop. Now you tell me who’s gonna want marshmallow calzones. And he’s fuming?”

Stay Puft offered to pay for the damages using his “Ghostbusters” royalties. Venwenyergreen accepted. The two sealed the deal with a good smoke.

-Jack O. Lantern

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