Sunday, September 20, 2015

Santa gives Mrs. Claus Halloween scare, gets frying pan and marinara over head

In preparation for the haunted reindeer barn walk-through that Santa Claus and some monsters on loan from Transyl-vein-ia put on for the elf staff during the Halloween season, the jolly old man strapped on a zombie reindeer mask with bloody fangs and popped out of the pantry to give Mrs. Claus a good scare. Mrs. Claus, in turn, popped Santa in the ear with a frying pan and then dumped a jar of marinara sauce all over his white head of hair. Just before going into a coma, Santa said the North Pole’s Halloween season festivities would be postponed about a week so he could take a short nap. Monsters were shipped back to Transyl-vein-ia until further notice.

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