Thursday, September 10, 2015

Trick-or-treater pushes training beyond program, still upset over last year's loss

Trick-or-treater Calvin Blick, 5, of Indio, CA, has summoned his group of trick-or-treat warriors to participate in additional training activities following their usual training for Halloween.

Blick, who lost the majority of his candy last year due to catching the corner of his giant plastic trick-or-treat bag on an alleged thorn bush, which went unnoticed for two blocks, is still not quite over the defeat.

“He did everything in his power to have the most candy, visit the most houses and deflect the most monsters last year,” said 6-year-old trick-or-treat companion Sam Sacks. “That snag in his bag will probably haunt him till the day he dies. But our training for this Halloween is already tough enough. We can’t add another three hours of work to the strenuous activity we already do.”

The two-time MVTOT (Most Valuable Trick-Or-Treater) of his division is of a new mindset for the upcoming Halloween. Last year, Blick preached patience and did his best to shield his fellow trick-or-treaters from heightened expectations. Going into Halloween 2015, it’s about claiming what’s rightfully theirs, knowing All Hallows’ Eve won’t be measured a true success unless a Great Pumpkin Candy Trophy is being hoisted.

In response, monsters everywhere are amping up their training routines.

“We can’t let the competition get the best of us,” said a local ghoul. “These kids are training harder and harder every year. Our goal is to scare each and every one of these warriors. And get their candy, of course, for our own sweet tooths.”

-Jack O. Lantern

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