Sunday, October 4, 2015

Human Contribution: 'Franky n' Stine'

By Jazmynn Picarella
Human Contributor

Once upon a time, there was a really sweet girl named Makayla who lived in a small river town somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Makayla was very nice to everyone. Everyone loved her, and they all enjoyed each other’s company.

Makayla lived in a cottage right near the river. Every day after school she’d come home, do her homework and then take her dog, Lacy, on a walk by the river.

One ordinary day after school, when she was walking Lacy, a storm hit. Water dumped from the dark clouds. Thunder pounded. Then lightning struck. It hit Makayla right in the head.

Makayla screamed and hit the ground.

What was that? thought Lizzy, who was Makayla’s friend. She’d heard Makayla’s scream from her house down the street. She put on her coat and hurried outside into the pouring rain to see what it was.

Izzy found Makayla lying in the mud. Makayla didn’t move at all. Izzy helped Makayla up and took her and her dog to Makayla’s house.

Back at the house, Izzy yelled for Makayla’s mother.

Makayla’s mom came running into the living room.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Makayla got struck by lightening,” Izzy said. “When I found her she was still as a stick.”

“Oh my goodness gracious,” Makayla’s mom said. “I’ll call the ambulance. You stay here.”

Makayla’s mom dialed 911 and she told the operator everything.

The paramedics came right away. They put her in an ambulance and took her to the hospital.

It was quiet in the hospital. Makayla lay there with her family and Izzy sitting around her. That’s when it happened. Everyone in the room gasped at what they saw.

Makayla woke up shaking. Not even the nurses could explain what was going on. She became green and her eyes turned different colors. Her left eye went blue and her other eye changed to green. Everyone looked away from the terrifying sight.

It got worse. Makayla’s hair crackled into black and white streaks, and it was getting very straight. She started getting weird little stitches everywhere. Two giant screws popped out of her head and cracked. Her dress got really short. It became a skirt with a lightening bolt pattern. Her top turned black with a steel collar. Her shoes went from flats to stiletto high heel boots. She had some blue eye shadow and red lipstick. Her hair was in a high pony.

Makayla looked at her mom and said, “My name is Franky.”

Her mom started to cry. The nurses inched toward the door. Once they were out of the room, they bolted.

“MONSTER! MONSTER!” they shouted, and they ran for help.

Even Izzy was freaked.

“You’re . . . you’re . . . You’re a monster!” she screamed.

“Well,” Franky said, “this is the new me and this is who I’m going to be . . . So deal.”

Izzy ran out of the room crying.

Franky knew trouble was on the way. She knew what happened to monsters, so she needed to get out of there.

She ran home and found her family was nowhere to be found. Lucy was there, though. And Lucy recognized Franky by her scent. She ran up to Franky and licked her.

Sparks flashed from Franky through Lucy’s tongue.

Oh no, Franky thought. I’m killing Lucy.

Franky pulled away.

Lucy was still alive.

Then Lucy started to change. The little dog shook for a second. Her eyes turned red. Her head turned grey and her body went black. Her collar stretched as her neck grew and finally the cheap strap popped. A new collar came out of her neck. It was blue with black polka dots.

“Well, now we’re the same,” Franky said to her pet. “I’ll name you . . . Stine.”

Down the street, Franky's family was approaching with an angry mob behind them. Franky and Stine knew what happened between angry mobs and monsters. They had to flee.

They hid out at the river. In fact, they turned it into their own swampy home, and they’d play in the woods and stare at the moon together. 

But that only lasted so long before they got bored.

So they went out into the night and scared the bejesus out of everyone they came across like the good monsters they were.

And they lived happily ever after.

Until they heard another monster howling at the moon.


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