Friday, October 16, 2015

Dr. Kibner to speak, says whenever you find yourself on the side of the minority, it's time to pause and reflect

A San Francisco, CA, warehouse full of pods is the next stop on Dr. David Kibner’s worldwide speaking tour, where he’ll tell humans (those who are left) -- and even other beings -- that they’re the minority, and that the lack of emotion is really “where it’s at.”

More and more beings, according to Kibner, are falling asleep and becoming pod people.

“What the alien species is doing is purely for survival,” Kibner said. “They’re doing people and others a favor by ridding them of their emotions. I tell the non-pod people, ‘If you’re not joining us, you need to pause and reflect -- we’re gonna get you in the end whether you want to become one of us or not.’”

Kibner’s talk begins at midnight tomorrow in a big warehouse called Pod Central near the Embarcadero. Non-pod people need only to stop by. The event is free of charge.

“Or you can simply fall asleep anywhere in the city so the aliens can make a double of your body,” Kibner tells the non-transformed. “You’ll be the new you in no time with a complimentary ticket to see me speak.”

The speech, Kibner added, isn’t just for the non-pod people. It’s quite informative for the newlypods as well.

“We’re gonna have a time,” the doctor said. “Not a fun time or a boring time. It’ll just be a time. Remember, there won’t be emotions anymore.”

For more information, go to InPodWeTrust.mon.

-Matthew "Pod Man" Bennell

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