Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Beast makes egg hunts easy

Kids all over the world found Easter eggs quite easily this morning. The colorful hard-shelled objects were discovered in the middle of lawns and in other open areas for pretty much any egg hunter to collect.

Experts suggest the Easter Bunny is going soft.

“It’s not so much that the kids are incapable of finding eggs in tougher hiding places,” said egg expert Egsov Ereazy, “rather the Easter Bunny doesn’t have to be so sneaky these days because the Easter Beast has gotten lazy.”

According to Ereazy, the Easter Beast has given up on his game. He wasn't out early like he used to be on Easter, trying to snatch up eggs before the little kiddies could get them, so the Easter Bunny took it easy this year.

“These so-called ‘experts’ are right, I suppose,” said the Easter Beast’s nephew, the Easter Beagle. “My Uncle Beast doesn’t really have a problem getting eggs these days. He just goes online and orders them.”

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The Beast was, however, out later in the day to terrorize and pick off Easter egg hunters who were in the wide-open areas. Evidently, you can't find those little guys online yet.

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