Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Jack-o'-Lantern Press spills plans (and blood) for season 2 blog posts

By Jack O. Lantern
‘Head’ Writer/Editor

Clear your calendars all you monsters, monster lovers and dimension travelers. Season 2 of Jack-o’-Lantern Press is upon us, and we at the JLP will be bringing you Transyl-vein-ia travel content weekdays now through September, and then, during the month of October, we'll continue with the hard-hitting, heart-pounding monster news and entertainment you’ve come to expect from your favorite pumpkin heads and award-winning germalists.

Reports indicate that monsters, ghouls and goblins have traveled less this last year than any year prior going back 50 years. That could be because of higher travel costs, hotel rates and eating expenses. It could be because everyday costs have gone up. It could be because creatures make less money.

We at the JLP feel it’s none of the above. New York, Rome, Paris, Hawaii and other vacation hot spots are just not that hot anymore. Monsters are bored of the same old thing and are staying put. Even humans aren’t traveling that much anymore, probably for the same reasons.

Beginning next week, our crackpot travel staff here in the Pumpkin Patch will shed blood, sweat and human tears to provide travel stories so you can plan for the trip of a life-after-deathtime. Even those of us who live here in Transyl-vein-ia will find our coverage hellful, as we plan to open your eyes to places you’ve never even dreamed of in your wildest nightmares.

Every weekday, between next Monday and the dead end of September, the JLP will present guide material for each and every deadly district of Transyl-vein-a that you'll want to see in some form or another for yourselves.

Then in October, we’ll return to our regular news and entertainment coverage for Halloween. We’ll be asking for guest contributions, so if you’re a monster, ghoul or goblin, and you have a story for us in the style we write, please email us at for our guidelines. Then submit away, as many stories as you’d like. We’ll post the worst of the bloody worst.

We look forward to a great Halloween season. We hope you look forward, too. Just don't look back -- there may be something behind you.

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