Thursday, August 25, 2016

Werewolftown ‘Hidden Harms’ -- more than meats to your eye

By The Lyle Canthrope
Staff Werewolf Writer

When in Werewolftown, do as the werewolves do.

To the average monster, running through werewolf country may not seem so exciting, but once you have the curse, you’ll begin to see (and taste) all kinds of hidden beauty.

The Lamb Fields in the Moors are stocked fresh nightly. Your nose will take you to the best cuisine that’s there. Test it out. Bat it around. Have at it. It’s fun. In no time, you’ll be on the move again. Because that’s what werewolves do.

At the back end of the Moors you may notice that the modern world is nowhere to be found. That’s because Gypsy Village, which you’ve entered, stopped evolving in the early to mid 1900s.

The gypsies there still drive horse-drawn carriages. They live in tents and circus carts. They run a traveling carnival that makes stops at Gore Gardens in Shadow City several times during the year and, in October, all over the human world for the Halloween festivities. August and September are the best times to visit Gypsy Village because the gypsies are getting all set for October.

It’s especially important that you check out Lampini’s Chamber of Horrors wagon. Some say he has the skeleton of one of Dracula’s long-lost descendants that he puts out on display during midnight showings of horror exhibits during the traveling carnival.

However, you might be too busy sniffing out meat to scope out the skeleton. Gypsies carry all kinds of meat on the bone. They order out for it like its pizza from some chainsaw man in Texas (in the human world). Let nature take its course.

Because the gypsies in these parts are all werewolves, they like to stay on the move. Run with them. Where they go, lots of living things go, hence dinnertime. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to see a show, have their fortunes told or see creepy people that are in town for a limited time only? Once you arrive, they arrive. They practically ring the supper bell for you.

You’ll find it’s great having these new powers added to your resume. As a werewolf, nothing can stop you. You can chase anything down, your teeth can get through the toughest layers of skin, and nothing can kill you except for silver bullets. Yes, those pesky things will do you in. But have no fear, there’s not much silver in these parts.

Despite being able to run around and eat whatever or whoever you want, eventually, it’s sad to say, you may grow tired of the same old thing. Yeah, you’ve made some great discoveries under that big blue Werewolftown moon, but maybe you’d like to settle down and relax for a second, and not constantly run around like a dang lunatic.

Check back here tomorrow for ways to take it easier in Werewolftown.

This is one in a series of TRAVEL STORIES from the 13 districts of Transyl-vein-ia. These stories run weekdays between August and September. Jack-o’-Lantern Press’s regular news and entertainment coverage will continue in October.

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