Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Skeleton of 'Haunted Horror’ spooky sounds tape fame pushes for comeback

By Noe Noyse
Staff Mu-sick Writer

The skeleton of the popular 1980s scary music and eerie sound effects cassette tape, “Halloween Horror,” is still not over the fact that his passion project over 35 years ago was never re-released on CD or iTunes, and he’s putting together a revival tour that would team him up again with the witches, bats and black cats that once, as he said, “created magic together.”

The artist hopes the tour pushes him back into the limelight so that those with the power will want to dig up his masterpiece on tape and finally transfer it to a digital format where it belongs for home haunters to use as a spooky backdrop for Halloweens to come.

“Look, when I saw the first ‘Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House’ album on iTunes, I was more than pleased,” the skeleton said. “I said, ‘Hey, the industry is finally recognizing real talent.’ But when they didn’t follow up with the release of the sequel to that album, which is far better in my opinion, I knew it was the industry’s way of continuing to try to keep me down. As the ghouls in this industry know, I was a part of that sequel album before I went solo. These creeps just don’t want me to succeed.”

The industry professionals in question weren’t given the opportunity to respond to the skeleton’s allegations, but they can prove he’s wrong by making “Haunted Horror” available on some kind of digital format, even CD, for crying out loud, so we lovers don’t have to continue pulling chewed-up tape out of our tape recorders that have long since been in need of retirement.

He gave us so many lasting Halloween memories. Let's figure out how we can return the favor and get his amazing 60-minute soundtrack to Halloween back out there. Who knows? Maybe the skeleton of "Haunted Horror" has another recording in him and all he needs is a little support from longtime fans to make this longtime goal of his a reality to give him the energy and drive to turn out more groundbreaking work.

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