Monday, August 14, 2017

Mad Science Convention to showcase over 100 plans to take over the world

By The Crazed Scientist
Special Events Writer
MAD SCIENCE DISTRICT -- Tomorrow marks the start of the Annual Mad Science Convention at the Mad Science Convention Center, which will go through Fri., Aug. 18. Mad scientists from all over the globe will be there to show off their plans to take over the world.

Some will show off their proposals using crude models, some will use the actual machinery to carry out their plots and others will explain their ideas by way of elaborate drawings. But all of these maniacs are off their rockers.

“I’ll be executing a trial run of my brilliant scheme using hand puppets,” said the Master of Puppets, a mad scientist who says he and his puppets will one day be in charge. The puppets on his hands went on to say something else, but the high pitch voices were too difficult to make out.

Those who want to catch all the action should arrive at least an hour before the doors open. According to the posters spread around town and several newspaper and magazine ads that were published over the weekend, the convention starts at midnight tonight (technically tomorrow). But the doors won’t open till 1 a.m.

“The problem with this convention -- other than the start time and the time they’ll be opening the doors -- is that all of these plans to take over the world are supposed to be secret,” said convention organizer Mad Scientist. “Too late now, though. As you know, we’ve already made the posters and placed the ads, so we might as well just go through with it. However, we warn you to forget whatever you see there.”

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