Thursday, August 10, 2017

Bride unveils new show, ‘Real House Monsters of Downtown Transyl-vein-ia’

By T.V. Killznweluvit
Staff En-terror-tainment Writer

The Bride of Frankenstein is expanding her entertainment empire with a brand new reality series on her TV network, BOF.

The show, “Real House Monsters of Downtown Transyl-vein-ia,” will focus on six monster friends living, dying, undying and scaring in the downtown area.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to bring this group of thrillers come fang to fang in one show, five nights a week,” The Bride said.

She wouldn’t share which monsters would be in front of the camera, but she told the press that viewers would be shocked.

“We take pride in shocking our audiences,” said network spokesmonster Bloody Mess. “We’ve already shot the first three episodes, and we shot our stars, too. They’re more than tragic. Lots of gore. Lots of heads flying. It’s fantastic!”

BOF greenlit the show following the success of the similar reality series, “Real House Monsters of Transyl-vein-ia Hills,” which debuted last August.

“If you thought suburban life in ‘Hills’ was bloody,” The Bride said, “wait’ll you see what happens in the city at night where the body counts more than double.”

Tune into the BOF Network for episode 1 at midnight on Monday.

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