Thursday, October 26, 2017

Skeleton accused of stealing Halloween magic from Jack-o’-Lantern Tree

JACK-O’-LANTERN PARK -- Yesterday around noon, a lone skeleton in his mid 200s allegedly found the Jack-o’-Lantern Tree, stole some of its Halloween magic, got into a red PT Cruiser and left. Sources said they couldn’t determine if any magic was, in fact, taken, but claimed it’s possible. Reports of a skeleton cruising around in the described vehicle have been made all morning.


  1. Omg don't tell me this is all for real!! I mean how some skeleton could claim that its magic had been stolen by someone. I thinks it must be a joke!

    1. Unfortunately, this is all for real. However, said skeleton was eventually apprehended and said magic was returned to said Jack-o'-Lantern Tree. All is wrong with the monster world again.

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