Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Grocery store discriminates against woman with emotional support beast

TRANSYLVEINYA HILLS -- Supermarkets in town are cracking down on shoppers putting service beasts into carts. Last night, one area resident, Ann Darrow, attempted to put her emotional support critter into a basket and was denied the chance by an employee of the Deadly Weggly Supermarket. Then the store manager came out and told the customer that she wouldn’t be allowed in the store. “He told me my pet couldn’t even go through the front door,” Darrow said. “The Transylveinyans with Disabilities Act prevents business owners from asking about my disability or even requesting paperwork pertaining to my service beast status. But he (the store manager) asked and requested, as if I was lying about my situation. Their carts and front door couldn't even accomodate me and my animal. This is an outrage and discrimination.” According to the store manager, Darrow’s pet destroyed several baskets trying to get into one, and upon entry nearly took out the entire front of the building. “How else,” Darrow asked, “is someone gonna get emotional support if not with a giant, building-sized gorilla that can take down the most vicious T-Rex in a matter of minutes?” Darrow argued with the store manager for upwards of 20 minutes, and then she and King Kong left the shopping center and headed home without any groceries.

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