Monday, August 6, 2018

Lightning hitting in same place

HUMAN WORLD -- Lightning continues to hit in the same place this evening in a small human town, and now the Frankensteins are looking to renew their vows again. The Mr. and Mrs. told reporters they simply wanted another reception with lots of guests, whether they knew the creatures or not. “There were all kinds of lightning strikes out there tonight, and still more crashing down,” said The Bride of Frankenstein. “So we planned a shotgun renewal-of-our-vows ceremony and reception, and invited everyone. Then we signed up for a gift registry in the very place where all that lightning is striking and put over 100 different types of lightning bolts on our list.” At press time, the Frankensteins had already received half the electricity they’d registered for. The event helped reaffirm their commitment to the life the two monsters had started together so many years ago. It also helped reaffirm their commitment to life. They’re still alive! (Who's writing this stuff? And who's reading it?)

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