Thursday, September 6, 2018

Gorgon pushed into Ghost Pond

BLACK LAGOON -- This evening, someone pushed a gorgon into the Ghost Pond, where living things go if they want to become spirits. Folks have been lining up for weeks at the edge of the towering cliff above, and diving into the pond below, whereupon impact, they instantly transform into apparitions. “I was happy as a terrifying woman with snakes in my hair and the curse to turn beings into stone,” said the gorgon. “I didn’t want to become a ghost. I just wanted to see what everyone was doing up there above that pond. It's a shame, because now no one will ever see me again.” Eyewitnesses said a skeleton pushed the gorgon off the cliff for laughs. The snake woman screamed in agony all the way down, unlike most others who hoot and howl for joy or go in with a triple somersault as one last hurrah before turning in their heartbeats for ghost sheets. A proud werewolf monitoring the lines on the cliff saw the scuffle and dove in after the gorgon to save her life. He realized his mistake just before hitting the mystical waters.

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