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Michael is the Publisher, Content Manager and Writer for Jack-o’-Lantern Press. He’s also a Los Angeles-based award-winning newspaper columnist, author, marketer and filmmaker. Go to MichaelPicarella.com for more information.



Tom is the Head of Research & Development for Jack-o’-Lantern Press. He’s also the Assistant Director for Information Systems at the city of Moscow, Idaho. He’s an amateur robotics builder, a longtime Halloween haunter, a virtual and augmented reality developer, and technology connoisseur.



Robert is the Marketing Director and Web/Graphic Designer for Jack-o’-Lantern Press. He’s also the creator of the EcoTeen Society and Filtrsz.

Founded by brothers Michael Picarella and Tom Picarella, Picarella Dome is dedicated to producing quality content, including books, columns, blogs and more. PD is the parent company of JackoLanternPress.com and

Jack-o’-Lantern Press Publishing, with long-term goals to create film, videogame and live-action properties.


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