A monster’s travel guide through

Transylveinya’s 13 deadly districts!


Amazon description: From the pages of JackoLanternPress.com, this travel guide takes you on a humorous tour through Transylveinya’s 13 deadly districts, including Witches Meadow, the Mad Science District, Werewolftown, Bigfoot National Park, UFO Springs and Jack-o’-Lantern Park. Along the way, revel in monster culture and monster movies (those popular and those not so popular), and discover the true birthplace of Halloween. Todd Durham, creator of “Hotel Transylvania,” calls the guide “monsterlicious,” Elric Kane, co-host of the “Shockwaves” podcast and “Pure Cinema Podcast,” says it’s a “wildly imaginative travelogue through the spooky dimension,” and a swarm of angry killer bees claims the book has “millions and millions of us all buzzing.”

The monster revolution is upon us.



To promote our great monster heritage through news stories from the creepy universe, to celebrate monster media in popular culture from yesterday and today, and to also encourage travel to and through Transylveinya, the long-acknowledged monster motherland and birthplace of Halloween.

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